Just Keep Swimming (Tour Demo 2012)

by Aaron Hibbert

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This is the demo being handed out for donations on Aaron Hibbert's 2012 summer tour. Three demo records of songs from an upcoming official release to be announced at a later date.


released June 26, 2012

Aaron Hibbert: Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Joe Scala: Drums
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tyler Bisson at Audio Geography (www.audiogeography.com) in Berlin, CT on 6/17 and 6/23


all rights reserved



Aaron Hibbert Agawam, Massachusetts

hi, i'm aaron. check out my band The Great Repression

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Track Name: Just Keep Swimming
I'm finally almost comfortable in my own skin
And I think I'm proud of who I am
I faced the wrath of my own demons
Watched the world change with the seasons
And picked myself back off the floor again

I faced reality and lived to tell
That there's more sorrows than tomorrows at the bottom of the well
Realized the world don't turn around me
And the sun will burn without me
And the stars have nothing left to foretell

I found a fountain full of promises and I passed it up
To live forever without meaning just won't ever seem enough
I've got a lifetime left to see the earth
To find the light, to feel my worth
It's time i stopped relying on my luck

If at first you don't succeed, they say to try again
Or so the story's gone for many years, passed down from many men
For if there's anything I'm proving
To keep your balance you must keep moving
Just keep swimming, you'll be winning in the end.
Track Name: The Game
If I had thought about it, I'd say to leave the world behind
And I could help you find just what you need
If I had a dollar for every lie I told like that
Then I'd be rich and you'd be here with me

Everyone has something up their sleeve
The question is what do you want to believe?
If every lie I ever told were true
Maybe I'd have found my way to you

If I had a moment for every moment I regret
Then I'd be living twice a life it seems
If I had an ounce of sleep for every ounce of sleep I've lost
Then every ounce of you would haunt my dreams

Everyone has something they regret
The question is has the worst happened yet?
If everything and everyone's the same
Maybe we're all just part of the game
Track Name: Inspired By
I've spent more than enough time convincing the world I'd be fine, but there was always an exit strategy. Plan B failed, so what do I do now?

I can't seem to find a good way out this time, a way out of this fate.
Nothing left to try, I'm giving in this time, not planning my escape.

We both knew that failure was never an option but settling might take its place. Well if settling is failure, then in failure I've found happiness, so why do I still feel like such a disgrace? The warrior inside me won't give up this fight, but the human in me says it's time to throw in the towel I've found something satisfying. What the hell more was I trying to find on this long ride home?

All this talk of home is nothing, my pride's about the same. I'm out of faith, I'm out of options, and I've just myself to blame. I tried so hard to find the upsides to this mundane life of mine, but next time someone stops the music, I swear I'll lose my mind. But I'll still say I'm fine.

I can't die alone, each day by day my lonely bed gets colder. I would drop it all for someone else to hold as I get older.

I'm waiting for someone to cling to me.
I'm waiting for someone to stay with me.

I can't seem to find a good way out this time, a way out of this fate.
I just need a guide to tell me I'll be fine, to tell me I'm okay.

Well if everyone has someone then why can't I seem to find a perfect soul to call me on my bullshit, take me by surprise, and change my mind? I feel my interest waning, patience growing thin. It's like I've had the skills and all the tools, but lacked the will to win.

Save me, I'm running out of time.
But I'll still say I'm fine.

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